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Adele NES body talk bio health scanner

About the Bio Scanner

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The computer effectively speaks with the body’s control system to provide results that frankly shock most people when they have a scan

The body-field carries all the information that instructs the health and function of your body. The information is present in the way it interacts with our scanner software

For instance, an MRI uses resonance in a powerful magnetic field to alter protons in the body. So the effect of fields is real and measurable even in a traditional sense.

Fit bit watches tack your pulse and other body impulses

When someone places their hand (or any part of the skin) against our scanning device, their field begins to interact with and affect our software.

Our software effectively asks thousands of questions. This happens within seconds with the speed of computer processors.

These “questions” are really the mathematical codes matched to our various remedies and test items so the software has a way to present each one as a “yes” or “no” question.

We can then compare this to the answers we actually get, showing the influence of the body-field and giving us clear indication, of what is most needed at this time to support this person’s health

Not focused on symptoms and 30 years of practitioner feedback the results are fast and effective working at the root causes

Your Practitioner 

Adele 0412 287 338

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First Consultation - 1 hour

Review scan results, identify key issues, provide treatment protocol, work towards rehabilitation of physical body relieving mind / body blocks

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up treatment protocol to suit your desired health needs

$90 - Half Hour

$130 - Hour

$180 - 1.5 Hours

$220 - 2 Hours

Buy the Bio Scanner

Buy your own scanner to romotley connect with Adele from your own home

Only $220 including shipping 

Your Practitioner - Adele 0412 287 338